Locker Liner Products

No reason to worry about dirty lockers and items left behind - Even if they are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pests.

Locker Liner folds flat for storage and easy transport.

The Locker Liner hook pocket is designed to be in the middle - just like locker design standards.

Locker Liner Clear: Brilliant Solution
to see everything up front.

You Need to Know

The locker liners are made of breathable, durable, washable fabric. The locker liner comes with a removable floor pad for washing. The locker liner closes with a zipper for easy opening and closing. The locker liners have pockets that fit over hooks for hanging items. The locker liner is completely enclosed. Only takes minutes to install. Get yourself a locker liner product today. Purchase directly from this website and have it delivered by US postal services.

Clear Front Option

The locker liners are also available with a clear front for easy viewing or for lockers that do not have a lot of light near. (clear fronts are extra).