Fight Locker Contamination

Dirty lockers and items left behind are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pests.

Clear window option lets you see items for easy access. Installs in seconds over locker hooks - held securely in place with magnets.

Locker Liner:
Unique, Fast,
Affordable Solution
to fight contamination.

5 Standard Sizes
Custom-Sizing Available
Fits ALL Lockers
School, Work, Gym
Block Germs and Pests

Lockers are a haven for germs, bacteria, contamination, and pests like bed bugs and roaches.

Today, pests like bed bugs are a big problem, being able to withstand extreme conditions. Left alone, that problem can easily grow and spread.

That's where Locker Liner Products come in: with 41 SIZES, Locker Liner fits any locker and installs in seconds - a clean locker instantly!